Haparanda, Sweden65°84'17"N 24°12'77"E
24–27 October 2019

Uncapitals "Time Shift" immerses participants into the multivalue relations with the flow of time and its tricky influence on the people of the small Swedish town.

As a result of this resident work it will be a collective exhibition of collaborative and individual works, that reflect on time shift theme through different mediums and artistic practices.

Guest editorial team will work on a layout and publish a special edition of newspaper about slow life flow of a small town on the border of imaginary countries.

A group of artists and curators are heading to the border area of Sweden and Finland. It is a unified space of the Swedish town – Haparanda and the Finnish town – Tornio separated by a time shift of an hour.

Invisible border that is imprinted in the atlas map by the man becomes a quiet real one, it turns into the river and separates neighbouring towns, while concrete bridge is turning into the Time portal that connects two different Universes.

Haparanda, Sweden
Time Division
Direction 1/1
12 Participants + 2 Experts
Expert Russia Philipp Guzeev
Expert Russia Oleg Khadartsev
Participant Sweden Martina Skyttberg
Participant Russia Sergei Danilin
Participant Russia Olga Zubova
Participant Russia Vladislav Demin
Participant Russia Mikhail Ponomarev
Participant Russia Anastasia Kolesnik
Participant Finland Kaisa-Reetta Seppänen
Participant Russia Kristina Ovsiankina
Participant Russia Ilya Duganov
Participant Russia Anastasia Yureva
Participant Denmark Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
Participant Russia Alena Vlasova
Uncapitals team
Principal Russia Inna Fedorova
Curator Russia Dasha Makhotina
Curator Russia Anya Potashova
Principal Russia Zhanna Guzenko
Video Russia Igor Frolov