Kjøllefjord, Norway70°94'58"N 27°34'68"E
26–29 september 2018

This time we’re heading for Kjøllefjord, a fishing settlement in Northern Norway, to discover the forgotten beauty of arctic nature inside human motions.

This journey is a recovery of the peaceful and solitary place whose sensitive balance can be easily broken by practical intentions.

Project participants work in two directions: dance laboratory and video production — and fix their movements through the old land with these tools. The result will be a film-almanac about human touch to the fragile North.

Kjøllefjord, Norway
Moving People
Direction 1/2
18 Participants + 1 Expert
Expert Norway Flavia Devonas Hoffman
Participant Finland Katja-Maria Taavitsainen
Participant Russia Danatas Truchynskas
Participant Finland Aliina Lindroos
Participant Finland Sini Silveri
Participant Norway Carl Aquilizan
Participant Norway Ksenia Shchetneva
Participant Russia Sasha Kozin
Participant Norway Emmanuel Ndefo
Participant Russia Vitalii Kobiakov
Participant Norway Bianca Hisse
Participant Denmark Camilla Tellefsen
Participant Russia Margarita Liuts
Participant Finland Johanna Keiski
Participant Finland Liisa Heikkinen
Participant Norway Maria Lothe
Participant Finland Iiro Näkki
Participant Norway Ingvild Olsen
Participant Norway Charlotte Trøa
Kjøllefjord, Norway
Moving Images
Direction 2/2
13 Participants + 0 Experts
Participant Finland Anni Savolainen
Participant Russia Irina Leontyeva
Participant Russia Dmitrii Belov
Participant Russia Anton Riabinin
Participant Russia Dmitrii Antropov
Participant Russia Alexey Tkachenko
Participant Russia Marina Podnebesnova
Participant Sweden Angelica Ruffier
Participant Norway Robin Frøderberg
Participant Denmark Emma Kjeldsen
Participant Finland Verneri Salonen
Participant Denmark Robin Petre
Participant Sweden Hillevi Högström
Uncapitals team
Manager Russia Anton Smirnov
Volunteer Russia Ulyana Medvedeva
Encourager Russia Oleg Khadartsev
Principal Russia Inna Fedorova
Chef Russia Artem Kondratiev
Principal Russia Zhanna Guzenko
Co-organizer Norway Andreas Hoffmann
Curator Russia Anya Potashova
Video production Russia Aleksandr Alekseev
Media Russia Nikita Velichko
Photo Norway Michael Miller