Onega, Russia63°55'00"N 38°05'00"E
21–24 september 2017

This year theme is «Digital Heritage» and the project team is exploring Arkhangelsk region to create and present the interactive installation of the subjective version of Pomor Museum in VR format.

This is the collective art-project where the team of young artists and cultural workers are getting aсquainted with the ancient Pomor traditions, history and culture.

During the few days of residency the participants are going to create a digital version of Pomor museum by rethinking the information from encyclopedias.

The project is on the verge of imagination and reality, which is mixing historical facts and mythology, the newest technologies and art, the contemporary pop-culture and traditional Pomor way of living.

Onega, Russia
Direction 1/2
17 Participants + 2 Experts
Expert Russia Georgy Molodtsov
Participant Russia Olga Dushicheva
Expert Norway Håvard Christensen
Participant Norway Fredrik Einevoll
Participant Russia Ildar Yakubov
Participant Russia Aleksandr Kamensky
Participant Russia Andrey Isaev
Participant Russia Andrey Larin
Participant Russia Aleksandr Menukhov
Participant Russia Irina Sovetnikova
Participant Sweden Kamen Zlatev
Participant Russia Aleksandr Timofeev
Participant Russia Pavel Mikhalovsky
Participant Norway Torje Spilde
Participant Sweden Malin Sternesjö
Participant Russia Philipp Guzeev
Participant Russia Taisa Sevenard
Participant Russia Kirill Anchikov
Participant Russia Galina Kruzhilina
Onega, Russia
Research group
Direction 2/2
9 Participants + 1 Expert
Expert Russia Maria Sarycheva
Participant Norway Petter Snekkestad
Participant Russia Ekaterina Tolkacheva
Participant Finland Iiris Tuisku
Participant Russia Fedor Medvedev
Participant Russia Evgenia Skvortsova
Participant Russia Ulyana Tyupusheva
Participant Russia Anna Potashova
Participant Russia Eugeny Sidorov
Participant Russia Mila Buzova
Uncapitals team
Manager Russia Anton Smirnov
Principal Russia Zhanna Guzenko
Principal Russia Inna Fedorova
Video Russia Aleksandr Alekseev
Principal Russia Oleg Khadartsev
Photo Norway Dánil Røkke
Manager Russia Alena Zhirova
Manager Russia Vyacheslav Krasnov